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Do you get confused and frustrated too?


October 12, 2017


Loni Shaw


It seems like marketing is one of the most confusing and most expensive necessities for a business. Which “key words” are effective? Who is the target audience? How do you improve SEO?  How do you drive people to your e-commerce site? How do you write effective emails? The whole thing has made my head spin for years now…..ugh!

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I must admit, I still haven’t figured this out. Last week I spoke to a former salesman.  The marketing methods he described were focused on persuasion. I was a little disgusted  by his marketing tactics. There is no reason to be borderline deceitful.  Shouldn’t a great product be able to sell itself?

Unfortunately the answer is no. So I decided to research honest marketing strategies.

As I fell down the rabbit hole of marketing strategy websites like Alice in Wonderland, I realized  the 80 20 principle was true. Thankfully, I did land on a few golden nuggets of honest affordable marketing tools. offers a plethora of honest affordable marketing strategies.  Although Impact and Wordstream are expensive, they were thoughtful enough to post very informative blogs.

Our family recipe blossomed into an e-commerce personalized gourmet gift shop. Therefore, the goal is to grow this company  to provide a safe working environment for disabled veterans, former inmates, and all others who need a second chance.

I’d rather take the thousands of dollars marketers charge and invest it in changing lives…….wouldn’t you?