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Please Learn from Our Epic Mistake!


October 18, 2017


Loni Shaw


When this bakery endeavor started, my husband purchased our domain on a host who is famous for their cheap prices. Knowing my retired Air Force maintenance commander is clueless about websites, I called a software developer for help.

Long story short, the bakery WordPress website was born. As a cybersecurity specialist, I assumed we were paying the host company for protection ……right?  Wrong!

This painful experience was like leasing a house with no windows or doors.

Thankfully a few years ago we discovered WP Engine. They are an affordable host who uses our money for top notch security. They also offer free support, SSL, and regular backups.

It’s an eCommerce business owner’s dream come true!

This has allowed us to focus on personalizing gifts

and creating unique all natural flavors.

Chocolate covered almonds and key lime pie cookies are in development.

I really hope this warning reaches someone BEFORE they create their website.

BTW-I know what you’re thinking. How does a cybersecurity specialist become a baker? I’m still wondering about that too.