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Well, this failed miserably…


October 25, 2017


Loni Shaw


It all started when someone said, “cookie molds.” Our recipes are unique fusions of pastry and cookie dough. I wasn’t sure if cookie molds would work. However  Dorothy Zbornak from the Golden Girls was right when she quoted her mother:  “Presentation is very important.”  So I took one home and tested it  with our chocolate covered almond cookies. The creamy sweet chocolate combined with the slightly salted almond crunch is perfect,

but they are still in development. In my opinion, they are too flat.


My goal was to make them into fun shaped pastry cakes………….


Does this look like an owl to you???









I had a little bit of batter left to try this:


Thankfully my husband came up with a great idea, because I was ready to give up. Mandorla Dolce will be ready for the Christmas season!

At least there’s a lesson in this: Don’t force unique qualities into a mold. They’ll end up crummy.