Have you purchased liquid gold for the holiday season?

The other day I was ordering ingredients for the bakery. Since I’m a “one stop shop” kind of woman, I buy from the same suppliers. I’ll admit it’s a little bit like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day but it saves time.

We purchase most of our all natural extracts from Olivenation. However  vanilla extract was cheaper with a different supplier.  I knew about the shortage of vanilla, but this supplier still sold a 16oz bottle for $8……..until this month! An 8oz bottle is now $20. I don’t know if I was more upset about the price increase or my tainted shopping routine. It felt like buying liquid gold.

Our gourmet cookies are original, affordable, and all natural.  How are we supposed to keep our products affordable?

According to Eater, most small businesses are absorbing the cost too. It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones who care about people more than money.  So we will continue to purchase the “liquid gold,” keep our products affordable, pray for a change, and remain Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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