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Here’s something you may not know…..


December 8, 2017


Loni Shaw


I attempted to try an advertising strategy by entering our gourmet cookies in a contest.  Why not……Our blending process is so unique its patent published.  There are several contests available. However, I couldn’t find one contest that allowed contestants to submit their cookies without the blending process. Plus they ban business owners. Why would these companies need to know how each recipe was created? Why would they only allow non-business owners?

I’ll tell you why……..It’s because they could legally make millions from the recipes. It’s upsetting to think about people getting bamboozled into handing over their Nana’s  family recipes. Sure these companies offer cash prizes, but if the recipe is good enough to win……..why not sell it yourself?

Mandorla Dolce

So I went back to the affordable Fiverr. I found an advertiser named DTongSports. I purchased his services and uploaded our information. I tried to come up with a “jazzy” advertising blurb, but it wasn’t great. DTong was thoughtful enough to  help.  He not only wrote a better advertisement, he gave us more than what we purchased. There are still good people in the business world. DTong is certainly one of them.

We may not be able to gain instant exposure by winning a cookie contest, but we can connect with other good people along this journey.

After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

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