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Has this ever happened to you?


January 22, 2018


Loni Shaw


I received a strange email with the subject line “This is BooShaw!!” It was a scathing email accusing us of using someone’s catchphrase. Suddenly I was living a version of “Bizzaro Jerry” from Seinfeld. I’ll admit this is an unusual coincidence, but there’s nothing new under the sun.

Boo-Shaw is a combination of our family name.

We’re busy perfecting our Sugar Free Lemon Zest cookies. Plus we’re designing a Key Lime Pie cookie sweetened with coconut sugar to provide desserts for the low carb diet, low sugar diet, and even the “see food diet.”

Who has the time to defend their company name?
I offered our products to promote the other BooShaw and informed him (or her) Boo-Shaw Bakery is a registered trademark.

The USPTO trademark process is painful but necessary. Plus you can save money by doing it yourself online without an attorney.
The other BooShaw never responded to my email. I would at least like to thank him for promoting us 🙂