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To Be or Not To Be


March 2, 2018


Loni Shaw


Lately we’ve been researching  different cookie decorating options. Garnish cookies are very popular but most of them are flavorless sugar cookie cutouts  slathered in a powdered sugar glaze with artificial coloring.  Sure Billy Crystal’s character from  Saturday Night Live  summed up our American mantra of “it’s better to look good than feel good”……..BUT …..

Do you know  Red Dye 40 is made from petroleum distillates or coal tars?  FD&C Yellow #5 is actually a synthetic compound called tartrazine. Have you ever asked for a dessert with extra tar?  If you are going to enjoy a cookie why waste your hard earned money on cardboard cutouts topped with sugary tartrazine?

I’ll admit, we did try an all natural icing recipe for some of our current flavors.  Even a little bit of icing overpowered the flavor of our decadent desserts. I was determined to find a product improvement idea until I received a very special order. A customer called and said she was on her way to the store to purchase a cake for a birthday party, but knew the “birthday girl”  doesn’t like store bought desserts. I told her our gourmet cookies have been used for birthday parties. She loved the idea and purchased a few dozen……for Coco the horse.

Happy Birthday Coco! Thank you for reminding us to keep our quality products unique.  We choose “Not To Be” like everyone else!