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Is it really worth it?


April 3, 2018


Loni Shaw


Last month I was contacted by someone who lost a beloved family member. A loved one passing  brings a lot of tough times for families. I reassured her our gourmet cookies would be there after the memorial service. 

She asked if we could also do her a favor for the family.  The favor was far beyond our business scope, but she needed us.  So I said yes.

I know there’s a fine line between helpful and a doormat target, but in today’s world the Golden Rule has become an option. 

 Of course trying to execute the favor was a little difficult. It made me wonder if Claire Boothe Luce was right….LOL!

It took a team effort, but the family was able to remember their loved one with comfort and enjoyed  our all natural gourmet cookies. 

 I told this story to some friends and family. I was surprised to get mixed reviews. Thankfully most people agreed with our decision to help this family. However, others told us we have the “doormat syndrome.” I’ll admit, I tend to go out of my way to help others……..even when I don’t feel like it. I started to assess my own personal boundaries of life. Was I practicing doormat theology?  Have I opened a pandora’s box for the business by doing this family a favor? Am I losing focus on running a successful business by trying to please everyone? 

I wrestled with these questions for days……until this came in the mail……

It's worth it

The truth is no good deed goes unnoticed. This life is short. If you are able, why not pay it forward? Chances are you’ll get Blessed too. I know I do.