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Before you do it…….


May 9, 2018


Loni Shaw


Please consider this story….

Recently we needed  an automotive paint repair. We hired a small business owner who gave us a reasonable price. 

When he gave us the car, it looked brand new. They also gave us free body work.

We were overjoyed. I noticed the business owner was overjoyed more than us.  It was clear he’s a kind person using his talents to make others happy.

He asked us to bring the car back for some finishing touches.  When we brought it back, he apologized because he was busier than expected.

Since he Blessed us with his talents, we Blessed him with patience and understanding.  We went to pick it up in the afternoon, but the paint body shop was closed and our car was locked inside.  Needless to say, we ran out of patience. We got the car back the next morning, but  it wasn’t finished.  He was very remorseful. 

Knowing running a small business is difficult, we assured him we would bring the car back. 

He was so thankful. Plus he explained that he promised his son a trip to Chuck E Cheese. In addition, he was having a difficult time finding trustworthy employees. 

Yes we were  inconvenienced, but a dad got to keep a promise to his young son. 

Unfortunately this small business owner’s Google rating is 2.7 stars. It’s not fair because he’s a kind person and a caring father just trying to make others happy with his talents. 

So before you use the online rating tool, please take another look at the situation………it may be a small business owner just having a bad day.