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Well this is unbelievable……


September 20, 2018


Loni Shaw


Five years ago we hired an intellectual property attorney for our recipes. A food industry can not patent ingredients, but it can patent how the recipe is created. 

They researched the patent office and did not find any recipe like ours. So we submitted our application.

Two years later we were patent published.




They have a luscious fusion of real orange and cream.

However, the examiner made us choose one of the four published recipes for the patent. We submitted our choice.

Chocolate Lovers Dream
A Chocolate Lovers Birthday Dream

Three months later, the examiner issued a patent published “rejection” notice. It was the same patent she published. It turns out there are different rejections for a patent publication. She classified ours as a level three.

To paraphrase….. level three means: If random people would’ve met and thought about making our pastrie-s, they could have made the same thing.

I know what you’re thinking. Now what…..right? We had to pay for a rebuttal case because abandoned patent publications become Prior Art.

I needed to find the reason for her irrational behavior. We found out patent examiners get bonuses for rebuttals.

For five years we’ve been submitting rebuttals to the same examiner. For five years, the examiner issued a level three “rejection.”

Housewarming Gift
Custom Housewarming Gifts

 I couldn’t help wondering why the examiner loved money more than helping people succeed.

Vanilla Nut

Eventually our attorney advised us to appeal the examiner’s “rejections.” We won our appeal, but our case went back to the same examiner to process the appeal decision. 

She decided to find a different reason to give it a level three “rejection.”

This time a bonus wasn’t involved.

Heavenly Chocolate

My frustration turned into sadness for this patent examiner. For five years she’s done everything in her power to hurt people she doesn’t know. She hates herself more than she loves money.  It’s clear the examiner doesn’t have True Joy in her life.

Patented published

Coming Soon: Groovy Bites! Vegan Friendly and Sugar Free 🙂

Thankfully we  have options to protect our patent publication and get our patent. 

More importantly, my heart has changed. I will not get angry at people who actively hurt others because their lives are full of darkness. I will choose to show Love and Kindness.

It’s the only way to help them heal.