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Internet Bullies or Genuine Jerks


March 18, 2019


Loni Shaw

I started posting to gain exposure for the business. It is relatively easy because running a small business brings Joyful, stressful, chaotic, and even maddening situations. 


 Many people have Blessed us with their replies. So I decided to continue blogging to encourage others because it’s a struggle to accomplish something Good. 

Unfortunately , For every encouraging post there are at least sixty  malicious posts. Hackers work very hard  trying to infect our website. Some have positive comments with pornographic URLs. Others are very long paragraphs with spam URLs and fake email addresses.

Thankfully WP Engine does not automatically publish  blog replies.

In addition,  BrightCloud  provides a free URL and IP lookup tool. Anyone can copy and paste  URLs in their search engine to find out if a website is safe. Plus verifies email addresses. I’ve spent countless hours authenticating URLs and email addresses because it’s necessary to publish the Loving replies.



This life is short.  Why would someone waste time trying to hurt others? I barely have enough time to do my laundry.

Evildoers have been around since the beginning of time. However, I wonder if  the internet (which started as the ARPANET) has created a desensitized world. It happens all of the time. A wonderful invention is eventually  used for evil. The internet has brought us closer ……………………..and cruel people can hurt strangers for fun.


No one has to see the side effects of their hateful actions anymore.



I just don’t understand. We all share one need……..the desire to be Loved. I think more people would practice the Golden Rule if they couldn’t hide behind a computer monitor…..don’t you?