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Don’t Drink Poison


April 26, 2019


Loni Shaw


People often ask why our desserts are so unique. I do not know if it’s because they are family recipes or because I cannot taste any of them.  As a Beethoven in the bakery world, I strive to find precisely the right balance of flavor and texture to create an extraordinary blissful experience.  Our research and development team assist me by providing constructive feedback. 

The team effort results in extraordinary  pastries even foodies can’t resist.

People always ask for samples of our decadent desserts. Normally it results in new customers and supportive friends. Sadly sometimes it results in very strange behavior from at least one person. He (or She) gets angry when they hear the wonderful encouraging complements. 

He (or She) will admit our snacks are delicious.  However, they will start to compare our pastries to their own recipes or tell me “it needs a little more flavor” as if their palate is the only one on the planet.  In fact, some were so jealous they actually  baked their dessert, gave it to our new customers, and asked them to compare whose is better. 

At first this bothered me. Only small business owners know what it’s like to overcome  failures, make sacrifices, and deal with frustrations to grow a brand. We are simply trying to create jobs for others. Plus we try to be a company that is Kind and Patient by not bombarding people with pushy advertisements just to make more money. 

Why do we put others down to feel good about ourselves?

Why can’t we be genuinely happy for other people?

Blue Bell and Boo-Shaw

Eventually my frustration turned into empathy. Clearly the jealous bakers are lacking Joy in their lives.

No one is perfect. However….. when we feel the need to compare or critique someone’s efforts, I think we should all exercise some Self-Control by finding out what is missing in our own lives.

Life is too short to drink the poison of jealousy.