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The Bamboozled Game


October 1, 2019


Loni Shaw

Last year our pastry Cookies Vanilla Nut and Banana Pudding won the North Florida Fair baking contest. It was nice to know our comfort food desserts are the best way to unwind and self indulge.

Last week I signed up for the 2020 Florida State Fair baking contest. I listed our Cashew Crumbles sweetened with maple syrup, gluten-free Orange Muffins made with fine-ground white cornmeal, and our Heavenly Chocolate Pastries made with Hershey Cocoa.

Death by Chocolate

After I signed up, I noticed the last page of the entry form stated, “All recipes become the property of the Florida State Fair, including publication rights.”

I was horrified to see this awful clause. Why would a prosperous entity take a baker’s original recipe in exchange for a ribbon? What’s even worse is why someone would give their baking recipe away if it is good enough to sell?

State Fairs are not the only ones stealing from us. Many mega giants conduct baking competitions, pay the inventor a chump change cash award, and make millions selling the baker’s creation.

Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? Mega corporations like Pillsbury should at least give the contest winner a royalty percentage of the revenue made from the recipe.

This is another instance of the have and have-not society. The most significant bias in today’s world is between the rich and the poor.

At some point, people lose their ethical values and start loving the all mighty dollar. As a result, the less fortunate suffer because of it. I am not suggesting socialism. I just think this world would be a better place if there were more people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Our company is still a small business, but we will grow it to employ those in need by changing the 10-5 Rule to the 10-5 Do unto others… Rule. Reach out to us if you would like to connect 🙂