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Chocolate Almond Day


November 6, 2020


Loni Shaw


Did you know that tomorrow, November 7th, is Bittersweet Chocolate Almond day?? This fun unofficial holiday is dedicated to the celebration of making and eating Bittersweet Chocolate Almonds. What a unique holiday, am I right?

Though we at Boo-Shaw may not have any plain chocolate almonds for you today, we do have plenty of other goodies and treats perfect for celebrating a fun holiday dedicated to sweetly savory homemade desserts. If you’re in a bit of a “nutty” mood after all? Consider our Vanilla Nut Pastry Cookie! If you’re feeling more “chocolatey” today? How about our Heavenly Chocolate Pastry Cookie? No matter what you’re craving, when it comes to sweet treats, we’re sure to have something perfect to help you commemorate every dessert-themed holiday you could imagine.