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Special Semester Send-Offs


November 16, 2020


Loni Shaw


Do you, or does someone you know, have finals coming up soon? While finals season for the college kids might still be a couple weeks off – and a couple weeks more still for the younger kiddos – students sure are feeling the heat as we ramp up toward the end of a very unique semester of school. Considering everything going on in the world right now… Remember to think about how the students in your life might be coping!

Want to send a student in your life a little something special to motivate them toward the end of the semester? Consider giving our personalized gift ideas a look! Consider the “Coffee Break” gift basket for the late-night crammer, the “Time for Tea” gift basket for a student who needs to decompress, or even the “Cookies and Ice Cream” basket just for a yummy treat… Whatever your choice may be, we’ve got your students covered this season as we gear up toward the end of the semester. Hang in there, students!