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Happy St Patrick’s Day!


March 15, 2021


Loni Shaw


Did you know that this Wednesday, March 17th, is St Patrick’s Day! That’s right! Everyone’s favorite lucky holiday is almost upon us. We hope you have something exciting planned for that day, for yourself or for your loved ones!

If you’re looking for some fun, yet safe, ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this season… Consider some of these suggestions!

-Dress up in as much green as you can, and take a silly picture for social media!

-Learn a traditional Irish celebration dish to try to make at home!

-Find a fun Irish drink (and a non-alcoholic one for the kids) to try with your family!

-Bake (or buy from a local business) some fun green-colored pastries and desserts!

And speaking of desserts… If you’re craving something sweet this St. Patty’s Day, consider checking out some of the gourmet pastry cookies we have to offer! Our delicious desserts are the perfect delicacy year-round to satisfy your sweet tooth and to share with your family and friends!