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Caramel Popcorn Day


April 5, 2021


Loni Shaw


Did you know that this Wednesday, April 7th, is Caramel Popcorn Day? That’s right! This fun, unofficial holiday is the perfect chance to indulge in some savory-sweet crunchy combos. Consider looking for some next time you go grocery shopping for a special treat. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe try making some of your own caramel popcorn! It would be a great way to spend some time on a fun activity with your loved ones. And the results are delicious!

Not in the mood for some caramel popcorn? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered! We have plenty of perfectly sweet cookies available for purchase from our bakery. Our Gourmet Pastry Cookies are sure to satisfy any sweet craving you might have. Check out our online bakery to see all the cookies we have to offer!