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You’re in the Home Stretch, Students!


May 21, 2021


Loni Shaw


Congratulations to all of the students out there for making it through another school year! Though the college students have probably been done for a little while now, our younger school students are probably just about to finish up the semester. Good luck on any remaining assignments and finals, to any and all students out there! We’re proud of how hard you’ve worked this school year, especially with all the additional challenges you’ve faced.

If you’re looking for a good way to congratulate your student on a job well-done, consider getting them some cookies! Our Gourmet Pastry Cookies are a well-loved tasty treat, and a perfectly yummy way to congratulate someone on their job well-done. You could also check out any of our personalized gift baskets, perfect for a number of occasions! Be sure to check out our online bakery for more information!