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Plan the Perfect Beach Day!


June 24, 2022


Loni Shaw


The Beach is a favorite location for many people. There are so many positive things to enjoy at the beach if you plan your day correctly! Make sure to remember some or all of these tips to enjoy your special day:

– Pick one of your favorite beaches (if you don’t have one, do a little internet research and hear what others have to say)
– Check the weather (no one wants to be on the beach during thunder storms)
– Wear the proper attire (swim suits if you want to enjoy the water or lightweight, long sleeves if you’re going for protection)
– Bring sun protection (probably one of the most important to prevent burns and potential health issues)
– Bring beach games/activities (beach balls and sand toys for kids or young at heart, books / magazines for those wanting to take a break, volley ball or frisbee for the athletic ‘can’t sit still’ group and more!)
– Pack snacks/lunch and enough water (our favorite – make sure to include some Boo-Shaw Cookies or Small Cakes with all the water / beverages!! )