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Make Your Own Summertime Fun!


July 18, 2022


Loni Shaw


Hello Boo-Shaw Bakery customers, friends and awesome cookie lovers! Just wanted to check in and see how your summer is going? Do you feel ‘stuck in the house’ due to the heat or other reasons? Do you have younger kids who are B*O*R*E*D and could use some fun??  Or are you a little bored yourself after a long day at work and could use a fun idea or two and try out something new?

Boo-Shaw Bakery wants to remind you we have amazing gifts and even DIY Projects you can order!

Maybe you want to spend your Saturday watching a new TV Series and grab our Binge Watch Bucket?

Maybe you and your kiddos want to try out a new craft and enjoy the art of Bead Work. Try our DIY Beading Supply Bucket!

Or maybe it’s time for a new hobby and you want to try out something interesting like our Indoor Garden Kit?

Boo-Shaw Bakery has so many options!! Try something out!