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Stand Up To Cancer Day


September 9, 2022


Loni Shaw

Stand Up To Cancer Day is observed every second Friday of September, on September 9 this year. It is a day for creating cancer awareness. It is also a time to support the fight against cancer, using various means. The day has been observed since 2008, and it has helped to gather massive support from researchers and scientists.

It is also a call to action. Donations are encouraged on this special day. The money is used primarily to help advance cancer research. Researchers from around the world are encouraged to collaborate in the fight against cancer. Also, there are over 170 countries that observe this special day. If you’d like to donate and are not sure where, research the internet to find the many awesome organizations who help! We found the company called Stand Up To Cancer on the web. Visit them and make a donation!

If you know someone who has been affected by this horrible disease, you can always send them a nice gift basket on this special day from Boo-Shaw Bakery. We have a nice Cancer Awareness gift that can help brightening someone’s day.

Keep fighting Cancer