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Host a ‘My Favorite Cookie’ Party!


September 16, 2022


Loni Shaw


What a fun event to hold and to gather up friends and family to enjoy with you!  You can decide to make it a cookie swap or just a fun cookie party where everyone brings one or two of their favorite cookies to share!  Everyone can bring homemade cookies or store-bought cookies or either one. . . Boo-Shaw Bakery is an excellent choice for cookies by the way!! 😉

If you want to do a cookie swap – have everyone bring one or two types of cookies wrapped in packs of 6.  You can invite 6 – 8 people or less so it doesn’t get to crazy bringing too many cookies!  Folks can also bring an additional set of 8-10 cookies to put out on a plate for everyone to take a taste!

Add a beverage or two, some good music and good people and you will have an awesome night!!