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Bring Some Cookies to Fall Parties


October 10, 2022


Loni Shaw


Fall Season Outdoors

Welcome Fall Season! We hope many of you are enjoying Fall and maybe even some cooler weather? Here in Florida, we’re happy the temperatures are in the 70s / 80s instead of 90s! (appreciate the small things, right?). 😀 🍁 🎃

Have you been invited to any Fall / Halloween parties yet? If not, you could always decide to throw your own! Grab some pumpkins, leaves, hay bails, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple cider (maybe some rum) and of course – COOKIES! We have some delightful fall flavored cookies and many traditional kinds as well. It’s the perfect thing to bring to any party, even if you weren’t asked to bring something! Throw on those beautiful Fall colors, grab some delicious Boo-Shaw Cookies and celebrate the change of season! It’s time to enjoy any excuse to get together with family and friends!