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Bat Appreciation Week – October 24-31, 2022


October 24, 2022


Loni Shaw


What a fun week to recognize with Halloween fast approaching – Bat Appreciation Week!

FYI – There are about 900 species of bats on Earth, all of which belong to the Chiroptera family. Unfortunately, bats are usually portrayed as negative characters. But this holiday debunks myths and eradicates the lies to portray the bat as an influential component in our ecosystem. Feel free to read about these amazing creatures!! If you don’t know where to start, check out National Today.

If you think bats are dangerous, do some research!! Read about them on A-Z Animals! As they point out, “Bats are not dangerous in the sense of attacking humans, but bats are dangerous because they carry diseases. The biggest danger is rabies. However, according to the CDC, “dog rabies remains common in many countries and exposure to rabid dogs is still the cause of over 90% of human exposures to rabies and of 99% of human rabies deaths worldwide.” So although bats can be carriers of rabies, dogs are much more dangerous carriers especially in lower-income countries.”

So, enjoy this silly week and do some research on these amazing (and kinda cute) creatures! (feel free to snack on a few Boo-Shaw Cookies during your research… wink, wink!)