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STEM/STEAM Day – November 8, 2022


November 7, 2022


Loni Shaw
Students Learning

Did you know tomorrow, November 8th is STEAM Day?? If you have children in the public school system, you probably do!  The day is an opportunity to focus on helping kids advance in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

We found an excellent article from The Learning Counsel discussing this awesome holiday!  They give ideas how to celebrate STEAM day at home or in the classroom:

  1. Show off what they know. – let your kids create a program or mini-game explaining and exploring STEAM topics. Your kids can bring lessons to life and show off everything they’ve worked hard to learn. …
  2. Turn everyday occurrences into learning opportunities. What better way to celebrate National STEAM Day than to bring STEAM to life? If it’s raining, teach your kids about the how’s and why’s of the water cycle. During election season, spark their curiosity about how voting relies on math and percentages. …
  3. Engage their interests. Learning is a lot easier when it’s driven by genuine interest. Ask your child what they’re curious about – whether it’s the ocean’s tides, groundbreaking women in history, or the life cycle of a butterfly – and help them explore their curiosity as they learn. …
  4. Artists – “give me an A!” Art has earned itself an A, turning STEM to STEAM. Don’t forget that the young artists in your household play an important role – the value of creativity is essential to every scientist and programmer out there. …
  5. Mix it up. Switch up your routine to make STEAM Day feel special. Parents can pack a creative lunch and include fun educational facts …

What a fun day to help teach kids about so many things they might not normally learn about.  They might find a new interest or even a future career path!

Don’t have kids of your own? Then grab your family or neighbors or volunteer at a local school or club.  PS – Grab a few Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies to share while you’re at it!