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National Cookie Day – December 4, 2022


December 2, 2022


Loni Shaw

I promise – we don’t make these holidays up!!  But this one is made for us – National Cookie Day on December 4, 2022.  This is a day to bake or purchase some cookies (of course Boo-Shaw Bakery has lots of perfect options!) and share them with some friends, family, co-workers or anyone who you think needs a nice pick-me-up!

You can read about this delightful holiday at many places, but here are a few of our favorites:

Days of the Year:

Cookies, themselves, can be traced back much further than most people would imagine. It is estimated that in the 7th century AD, Persians were some of the first to grow and harvest sugar cane, which would have eventually been turned into baked goods.

National Day Calendar:

Cookies arrived in America in the 17th century. Macaroons and gingerbread cookies were among the popular early American cookies.

National Today:

One of the most popular early cookies, which traveled especially well and became known on every continent by similar names, was the jumble: a relatively hard cookie made largely from nuts, sweetener, and water.

So, here’s to the perfect day for our cookie lovers!  And here’s to many of you trying out some new cookies on this day!  Might we suggest our Vanilla Nut Pastry Cookies or Cinnamon Bun Pastry Cookies or even traditional Chocolate Chip Delight.  Enjoy!


Vanilla Nut

Cinnamon Bun

Chocolate Chip