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Happy December – Time for Holiday Parties!


December 5, 2022


Loni Shaw
Hello Boo-Shaw Bakery friends and customers!  Happy December wishes to all of you!  Another year is coming to an end and we hope you have some good memories this year.  With December, it’s often time to attend those holiday parties together and enjoy good times with good people, good food and good drinks.  So what better time to order some Boo-Shaw Bakery Cookies or Boo-Shaw Bakery Small Cakes or Boo-Shaw Bakery Mini Pastries to bring to your next holiday gathering.

There are many options to try and you will love being able to share these delicious desserts.  Wrap them up in cellophane or put them in individual bags so folks can take their individual dessert portions to enjoy at the party or bring home to enjoy later!  Cookies are a great treat at parties as they store well at room temperature and last for a few days without spoiling!

Grab some treats and put on your friendly nature and go out to have fun with others.  That’s part of what the Holiday Season is all about!