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Human & Animal Rights Day – December 10


December 9, 2022


Loni Shaw


The rights of our furry friends are celebrated annually on International Animal Rights Day on December 10. The holiday is shared with Human Rights Day, as it should be, because animals have the right to be treated with respect, and acts of cruelty against them need to end just as much as for humans.

Human rights and animal rights aren’t that different. In fact, the line should be blurred. Just as all human lives are precious, animal lives are important, too, and, essentially, any act that can be classified as cruelty against humans, is most definitely also an act of cruelty against animals.

Ways To Celebrate Animal Rights Day:

There are many ways to celebrate this fantastic day. First, why don’t you get some people together and learn more! Talk about the cruelty some people may not even be aware is taking place! Talk about ways you can help with both human AND animal cruelty! Search the Internet to find a website such as Four Paws in US to help learn ways to prevent cruelty to animals! Read and practice the 10 Tips to prevent cruelty to Animals:
#1: Be a responsible pet owner.
#2: Be an example of kindness to other pets.
#3: Intervene if you witness animal cruelty, abuse or neglect.
#4: Report animal cruelty, abuse or neglect.

Ways To Celebrate Human Rights Day:

Become a Human Rights Activist! Research knowledgeable websites such as Human Rights Careers and follow some or all of their tips on becoming an activist:
#1: Commit to small actions
#2: Get educated on human rights issues
#3: Join a local group
#4: Get involved in the political process

There are always way to learn and help out! So grab some friends, grab some Boo-Shaw Cookies and research ways to celebrate these amazing holidays together!