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National Chocolate Covered Anything Day – December 16, 2022


December 16, 2022


Loni Shaw


Can you believe that December 16th is National Chocolate Covered Anything day?!?  That’s right, it most certainly is!  Today is the day to enjoy everything you love with an extra dip of chocolate :).  Of course, all Boo-Shaw desserts are delicious on their own, but it would be nice to dip any of them in chocolate if you want!

To celebrate this awesome day, you can even dip fun, new things into chocolate to see if you like them.  How about Potato Chips?  Or fruit?  Or maybe french fries?  The possibilities are endless. Or stick to the traditional and try some chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered pretzels – yummy!

We like National Today’s post about National Chocolate Covered Anything Day as it gives you suggestions how to celebrate this awesome holiday:

  1. Support a local chocolatier – you might be surprised what local artists have dipped in chocolate for you!
  2. Have a dipping party – What a fun way to gather with friends, family or local children.
  3. Have a photo shoot – Think of all the fun images you can create with chocolate covered everything :).