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National Christmas Movie Marathon Day – December 23, 2022


December 23, 2022


Loni Shaw

Did you know there is such a thing as ‘National Christmas Movie Marathon Day?”  Well, there certainly is and it’s today – December 23rd.  Sounds like a perfect day to grab some family and friends (or enjoy some quite time by yourself), grab some delicious beverages (fruity, chocolaty or even ‘spiked’) and as we like to say, “grab some awesome treats to share or keep all to yourself!”  What is the perfect treat you may ask?  Well, Boo-Shaw Bakery desserts of course!!  Grab something hearty like a charcuterie board full of meats and cheeses and finish it off with Boo-Shaw Bakery desserts! Or make it a total snack day with chips and salsa, pretzels and dip and some cookies to add sweetness!

The history of Christmas movies is almost as long as the history of cinema itself. The first Christmas-themed film was Santa Claus, directed by George Albert Smith and released in 1898. It was a British short silent film about Santa Claus visiting two children on Christmas Eve.  It wasn’t until 1946 that Christmas movies truly broke into the mainstream thanks to the release of It’s a Wonderful Life. Directed by Frank Capra. The origins of National Christmas Movie Marathon Day are unclear, but don’t let it stop you from celebrating this amazing holiday. Give yourself a day to just relax in front of the TV before you get busy with holiday preparations, visitors and last-minute shopping for some of you.

Watch some good old classic Christmas movies on one of your streaming services such as It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street!  Or try some of the fun, favorite, well-known movies such as Elf or Home Alone.  You might even want to venture into some new movies or series if you have the streaming services, such as Spirited on Apple TV or The Santa Clauses on Disney+.  Try the streaming services free for one week if available and see some new, fun movies this year!

Whatever your favorite movies are or whatever you decide to watch with your favorite foods and drinks, we wish you an enjoyable National Christmas Movie Marathon Day!!