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Continue to Enjoy Life on Cut-Out Snowflakes Day!


December 27, 2022


Loni Shaw


Hello fantastic Boo-Shaw Bakery customers and friends!  We hope you are enjoying the holiday season, finding peace for yourself and enjoying time with family and friends! 🎄  🕎  🧨  🌟

Today, December 27, 2022 is another silly, fabulous holiday we’d like to share with you – Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day!  Many of you have your delightful children at home from school currently!  Or some of you have children visiting.  If you don’t have either one and are home from work on vacation, I bet there are some neighbors or friends with children at home who would love a helping hand!

We here at Boo-Shaw Bakery would like to invite you to grab your favorite beverage – milk or hot cocoa or even a hot toddy since it’s the holidays and also grab some Boo-Shaw Cookies to enjoy and share!!!  Next, take out your foil paper, construction paper, glitters, scissors, and design templates (if you have any), and then just cut out basic shapes or intricate patterns into a beautiful snowflake. It’s a great way to creatively spend time with the other after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and keep the children (or other adults) out of mischief. ❄️❄️❄️  If you don’t have any templates, just google Free Cut out Snowflake Templates and find many treasures such as – Make Paper Snowflakes.