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Happy New Year from Boo-Shaw Bakery!!


January 1, 2023


Loni Shaw


Another year has begun!  No matter what the past few years have brought you, we would like to wish you al Peace, Happiness, Love and continued Success for the new year 2023!

We here at Boo-Shaw Bakery have certainly had our ups and downs this past year, but with each new year comes new hope and new beginnings and we are wishing all the best to you and your family as we head into 2023.

How did you celebrate this year or how will you celebrate?  Many of our friends feel it’s the safest to stay home each New Year’s Eve and Day (even if you don’t imbibe yourself, there are many others that might be out on the road and have had a few drinks). . .  so you might want to plan a fun celebration at home!  We searched the internet for some fun ways to celebrate at home and found a cute article at giving some great ideas (whether for New Years or any celebration):

  1. Host a dinner party (you might even have some neighbors who can walk and everyone can bring a dish to share). *Note, it would be great to order some Boo-Shaw cookies for this event!
  2. Host a game night *Again, Boo-Shaw Desserts would be a great addition to this night!
  3. Have a solo celebration *Perfect for Boo-Shaw Cookies, you don’t even have to share any :).
  4. Make a vision board (with cookies).
  5. Reflect and meditate (and have cookies afterwords).
  6. Host a movie marathon (love snacks during movies – cookies are perfect).
  7. Do nothing (if you want to rest, just do that… but it never hurts to have cookies!)

Happy New Year from Boo-Shaw Bakery!!