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National Hot Chocolate Day – January 31, 2023


January 30, 2023


Loni Shaw


There seems to be a day to appreciate just about anything and everything now-a-days!  But this National Holiday is a fun one you can share with friends and children!  National Hot Chocolate Day – January 31st!  There are so many forms and types of hot chocolate around the world!  And we certainly think that all types of hot chocolate go quite well paired with something like Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies! has done some excellent research on the history of different hot chocolate around the world. Did you know there were so many different types available –

  • The Maya are credited with inventing hot chocolate, although their version was extremely spicy and bitter by today’s standards.
  • For many Spanish people, breakfast is a very thick hot chocolate (practically a spread), which is eaten with churros.
  • By 1797, Jamaican-sourced hot chocolate had such a refined reputation that it was nicknamed ‘the drink of the gods’.
  • Cocoa powder was first mass-produced in 1892 in the Netherlands, where it was eventually turned into a solid form and the chocolate bar was born. But the Dutch love their chocolate in all forms and the Chocolátl in Amsterdam is a self-proclaimed ‘chocolate gallery’.
  • Hot chocolate is enjoyed in various delicious combinations throughout Mexico and is often sold in round or hexagonal blocks. These blocks are dissolved in hot water, milk, or cream, before being blended and then seasoned with more chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla or chilli.

So on this fun day, do some research and learn about the different types of hot chocolate.  Then, maybe try a few types you haven’t had before and see if you enjoy them!  You can even host a party with different types of hot chocolate from around the world – paired with delicious Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies of course!