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Happy Mardi Gras – February 21, 2023


February 20, 2023


Loni Shaw

Happy Mardi Gras!!  This day is celebrated on February 21st.  Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday.”  It is a day to eat rich, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of Lent, a Christian Season.  But Mardi Gras is also a time for celebration for everyone, no matter your religion!  It’s a time to bring out those colorful beads, colorful masks and celebrate!!

This celebration goes on in many parts of the world in various forms. gives us some wonderful ways this holiday is celebrated in other countries:

Brazil’s weeklong Carnival festivities feature a vibrant amalgam of European, African and native traditions. In Canada, Quebec City hosts the giant Quebec Winter Carnival. In Italy, tourists flock to Venice’s Carnevale, which dates back to the 13th century and is famous for its masquerade balls.

Known as Karneval, Fastnacht or Fasching, the German celebration includes parades, costume balls and a tradition that empowers women to cut off men’s ties. For Denmark’s Fastevlan, children dress up and gather candy in a similar manner to Halloween—although the parallel ends when they ritually flog their parents on Easter Sunday morning.

We here at Boo-Shaw Bakery like to celebrate Mardi Gras with some delicious desserts – such as Boo-Shaw Bakery Cookies or Boo-Shaw Bakery Mini-Pastries.  So feel free to decorate your home or dress-up yourself in a fancy costume or just by adding a few colorful beads to your outfit.  And enjoy some Boo-Shaw Bakery treats while watching some Mardi Gras documentaries on tv with friends!

Happy Mardi Gras!