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National Chocolate Covered Nut Day – February 25


February 24, 2023


Loni Shaw

Also referred to as Chocolate Covered Peanut Day, this holiday is all about dipping your favorite nuts in chocolate, or just enjoying nuts and chocolate. Some common nuts used for the holiday include peanuts, almonds, and pecan…

We here at Boo-Shaw Bakery feel we have the perfect Cookie for this day – Heavenly Chocolate, with a nice blend of white chocolate chips, cocoa, and peanut butter!!

Fun Chocolate & Nut Facts –

  • America began selling chocolate covered  nuts in 1925.
  • Goobers” is the oldest brand of chocolate covered nuts.
  • One of the most common jingles about chocolate and nuts is from “Almond Joy’s” commercial, “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. . .”