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PayDay It Forward – March 29, 2023


March 27, 2023


Loni Shaw


This day should be recognized and understood by everyone! Why don’t you take a few moments to read and learn about ‘PayDay It Forward day.’  This is not the well-known ‘pay it forward’ technique where you cover the beverage of the car behind you in a fast food drive through, this day is so much more! March 29 is observed across the world as an opportunity to be kind to young black men and support them. Read about an amazing foundation that helped this day begin –

The PayDay Foundation:

We here at Boo-Shaw Bakery would like to share PayDay Foundation’s mission statement –

MISSION STATEMENT – The mission of the PayDay Foundation is to build awareness and humanity toward the presence of young, black boys within our communities by Acknowledging Them, Communicating with Them, Connecting with Them and Celebrating Them.

Racism is a terrible thing. We can all continue to find ways to help overcome this horrible occurrence and this day is a great way to help learn more and education other people!  Here are some ways The PayDay Foundation recommends celebrating PayDay It Forward Day:

  • Look each young teen boy in the eye when you see them.
  • Verbally speak and greet them, acknowledge their presence.
  • Plan to spend time with a young teen boy you know.
  • Teach a young teen boy a skill.
  • Hire a young teen boy.
  • Expose a young teen boy to something they have never been introduced to.
  • Reach out and check on a young teen boy you know.
  • ASK a young teen boy what they need help with, what are their struggles?

If we can all continue to learn and be kind and do better, the world can become a better place for everyone to share some Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies together! 🫶  ❤️  🍪  😀