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Husband Appreciation Day – April 15, 2023


April 14, 2023


Loni Shaw


Who knew there was a fun day to show your husband some added love? 🙂 It’s called Husband Appreciate Day!  National Husband Appreciation Day is a day to celebrate your husband and show him how much you appreciate him. It is typically celebrated on the third Saturday in April each year.  Husband Appreciation Day is an opportunity for wives to show appreciation to their husbands and remind them of their value to us, their family, and the community at large.  Don’t worry friends – there are other days to celebrate our partners as well – National Spouses Day on January 26, and Wife Appreciation Day on September 19.

Here at Boo-Shaw Bakery, we think one of the ways you can show your husband appreciation is by ordering him some Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies to enjoy!  Grab his favorite kind or try out a few new kinds together. There are many options to enjoy.

If you would like some other ideas to celebrate, we found a great article on that gives us a few ideas on what we can do to celebrate this day.  Borrow a few of these ideas or come up with some great ones on your own.  Make this a fun day for your husband!

1) Cook His Favorite Dinner
2) Give Him A Back Or Foot Rub
3) Plan A Day Of Adventure

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