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May Day – May 1, 2023


May 1, 2023


Loni Shaw


Hello Friends!  Welcome to May and Happy May Day!!  This day is celebrated by many countries around the world on May 1st each year.  May has had different meanings for diverse cultures and countries. In the United States as in many other countries, it is a celebration of the season of Spring.

You will find a lot of history involved with May Day.  We found it very interesting to read about the different celebrations and traditions.  On, we found some nice, uplifting traditions we wanted to share –

What is May Day?

May Day is marked with rich celebrations of culture and folklore throughout history, welcoming the return of spring! There are many fun traditions that have persisted over time, like creating delightful little baskets with sweets and flowers. These baskets were sometimes left on the doorsteps of unsuspecting neighbors, with the sender yelling ‘May basket!’ and dashing from the scene.

Celebrating spring also includes singing and dancing around a maypole, mostly at schools. This tradition is still alive in some schools, and children decorate the pole with colorful ribbons and other items. Spring flowers are picked and gifted to loved ones, and although all these traditions have become lesser-known today, they are still cherished and enjoyed by many.

How can we celebrate May Day?

There are many fun, delightful ways to celebrate this holiday welcoming Spring, but here are a few tips if you need them –

  • Gather some wild flowers outside and make a nice bouquet for yourself or friends.
  • Make a ‘Flower Crown’ with wild flowers or even store bought flowers.  There are many ideas on the internet to help you with this!
  • Make and even dance around a Maypole.  There are tons of YouTube videos or Pinterest posts that can help you have fun with this idea.  Give it a try and have some fun with family, friends and neighbors.
  • Make a nice basket of flowers and/or sweets to surprise a friend or neighbor.  This tradition was popular through the 19th and 20th centuries, especially with children or sweethearts. The custom was to knock on the door, yell “May basket!” and then run.  How fun it can be to buy or gather flowers, order some Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies and create a simple surprise to help spread JOY!