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Sometimes… All You Can Do Is Try and Help!


May 11, 2023


Loni Shaw


Here at Boo-Shaw Bakery, we often try to help others, sometimes no matter what!!!  This sweet child we would like to help is a grand-baby of a special friend of ours. Her name is Alohi, which is Hawaiian for Shining, Brilliant.  This young, shining light is currently in need of a kidney transplant.  My friend is working with Children’s Organ Transplant Association to help raise the funds.

If you’re looking for a great cause / person to help out and have a few extra dollars to spare, please give to this family!  100% of funds go directly to transplant-related expenses.  Read her story and maybe give a few dollars to someone special in need.  Doing for others can help us feel good and sometimes it’s just the right thing to do!