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Welcome Summer – Are Your Kids Out of School?


June 9, 2023


Loni Shaw

Hello Boo-Shaw Bakery friends and Welcome to Summer!!  While it’s not quite the ‘official’ day of summer, most children have completed their school year and are starting to enjoy the summer months.  Are you kids home?  Are they in camp?  Are they driving everyone nuts because they feel ‘bored’ without enough to do?

Well, here at Boo-Shaw Bakery we believe kids should enjoy summer AND help out / work during summer.  If they are young, have them do chores around the house, take care of pets or help make dinner some nights.  If they are old enough, help them find work for a local company or volunteer at summer camps.  These can all be good learning experiences!

And, to enjoy / appreciate summer and their hard work, we recommend you get a fun Boo-Shaw Bakery ‘Gift for Kids’ to reward them and show them hard work pays off!  Check out some of our options to enjoy together!

Movie Night Snacks

Movie nights are fun party ideas. Send a care package to your favorite movie lover. They’ll be pleasantly surprised because of your random act of kindness.

Monopoly Game Night

Do your kids love Monopoly? This is just for you! This thoughtfully arranged Monopoly board game has decadent chocolates, our gourmet cookies and reusable containers so game pieces will never get lost 🙂

The Paint Crate Party

Inspire your artist with The Paint Crate. It will not matter if you can’t see their latest creation. Their masterpiece will be for you because of you!

DIY Beading Supplies

Who doesn’t love DIY projects? Surprise your loved one with the ultimate beading supply kit. This will inspire them to create wonderful gifts for everyone.