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Teddy Bear Picnic Day – July 10, 2023


July 10, 2023


Loni Shaw


Happy Teddy Bear Picnic Day! What a fun, silly, unofficial holiday that is largely celebrated in Canada, the United States, Australia, and some parts of Europe each year on July 10th.

How perfect does it sound to make a picnic, grab your favorite Teddy Bear and order up some Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies to share 🍪  🍪  🍪! Teddy Bears and Cookies, what can be more perfect?

This day was created based on the popular song of the same name, “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”. The song is a classic one, written to the tune of a song composed in 1907 by American John W. Bratton. The lyrics were added later, in 1930, by Jimmy Kennedy, a British songwriter. This holiday remained popular since it helped people enjoy the simple and small pleasures of a picnic with these stuffed animals.

How can you celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day? We found a fun article on that gives us a few ideas:

  • Host a Teddy Bear Picnic (including Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies 😉 🍪 😉)
  • Listen to the Teddy Bears’ Picnic Song – Many different popular artists over the years have recorded versions of this song that have been enjoyed by children and adults alike. Henry Hall (1932), Bing Crosby (1950), Anne Murray (1977)
  • Learn the History of Teddy Bears on the internet or at the library


No matter how you decide to have fun this day, grab your favorite Teddy Bear and enjoy! 🧸  🧸  🧸