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National Hammock Day – July 22, 2023


July 21, 2023


Loni Shaw


July 22 is currently known as National Hammock Day by many people around the World!  Sometimes we can all use a nice day to relax.  And hammocks can be a delightful way to swing comfortably in the air, enjoy the outdoors and unplug from technology!  It doesn’t hurt to pack a few Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies to enhance your relaxing experience.  If you don’t have a hammock or know where to find one, grab a towel and head to the beach or a blanket and head to a local park.  The main point of this day is “relaxing,” and you can find many ways to do this!

We found some very interesting facts and history about this unique day on and would love to share:

National Hammock Day is celebrated every year on July 22 to commemorate the universal symbol for relaxation. Developed by the Mayans of Central and South America for sleeping or resting, a hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope or netting, which is suspended between two points such as posts or trees. Most often, hammocks were made from the woven bark from the Hamack Tree — hence “hamacas”. Today the hammock is often seen as a symbol of summer, leisure, relaxation, and simple, easy living. So grab your favorite book (and some Boo-Shaw Bakery Cookies), put your feet up, and relax!

National Hammock Day is a perfect day for everyone to take some time and relax!  If you have to work or have other responsibilities this day, just try to grab an hour to sneak away for yourself.  Or even try to find a few moments to ‘unplug’ and take some “me time.”  You won’t be sorry!