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Be An Angel Day – August 22, 2023


August 21, 2023


Loni Shaw

Did you know that tomorrow, August 22 is known as ‘Be An Angel Day?’  That’s Right!  This is a day to help out a friend, family member, neighbor, co-worker or even a stranger!!  It’s a day to spread a little kindness, big or small.  What’s a great way to spread a little kindness?  Share or surprise others with a special treat like Boo-Shaw Bakery Cookies of course!!

You can bring a bunch of cookies to work and put them in the lunchroom!  or maybe order some of our pretty, individual wrapped cookies and leave them on neighbor’s doorsteps!  Or maybe add a few extra cookies to your child or spouses lunch with a kind note.  The possibilities are endless!

This holiday was first created in 1999 by the charity Angels of America, which works to support those living with chronic illnesses. Since then, Be An Angel Day has grown into an international event that encourages people to reach out and make a difference. . .

We found some interesting and valuable information on this kind holiday on  Here are some things we can all think about to remember why Be An Angel Day Is important:

It reminds us to be kind and caring –

Be An Angel Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a positive member of our community. It’s a reminder to put others before ourselves and show kindness and compassion towards those in need….

It encourages acts of service –

Be An Angel Day is a great way to get out and make a difference in your community. There are so many ways to lend a helping hand – from volunteering at a food bank or nursing home, to making therapy kits for children in hospitals, or simply donating money to charity….

It promotes selflessness –

Being an angel shouldn’t be something that we do without expecting anything in return – it should come from the heart with no regard for our own gain….


Take some time to help out someone in need on this day. It sure can be a nice feeling to help others out sometimes! Win-Win!