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Grandparents Day – September 10, 2023


September 8, 2023


Loni Shaw


We all know and celebrate Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day each year, but how many of you know about and celebrate Grandparents’ Day?  Boo-Shaw Bakery did some research on this holiday and found a great article on explaining the history of this holday:

National Grandparents Day falls each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It’s not a holiday invented to sell cards and flowers. It was initiated at the grassroots level by West Virginian Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade. . . LEARN MORE

Marian McQuade felt there are are three purposes for National Grandparents Day:

  1. To honor grandparents.
  2. To give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children.
  3. To help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer.

We found a fantastic website to try and teach everyone about uniting generations!  That’s such a cool concept!  This website points out we should all use Grandparents’ day to #DoSomethingGrand !! This website points us to a full ‘Take Action Guide‘ from Generations United and gives us tons of ideas for how to celebrate this holiday. One of our favorite sections is the 10 Grand Activities it recommends.  So grab some Boo-Shaw Bakery Cookies (which are perfect to share at any occasion) and #DoSomethingGrand!

10 Grand Activities from Generations United

    • Read a book with your grandfriends, grandparents, or
      grandfamily caregiver.
    • Take a walk together through your neighborhood or favorite
    • Share family stories of your favorite memories together, your
      family’s history, or look through a family photo album
    • Go for an outing as a family (dinner at a restaurant, to the
      movies, skating rink, hiking, amusement park, etc.).
    • Cook a meal together using your favorite family recipe.
    • Do an arts and crafts activity.
    • Have a virtual coffee or lunch date.
    • Participate in an in-person or virtual family game night.
    • Volunteer together in remembrance of 9/11 or attend a 9/11
      memorial service event.
    • Gather in person as a family and share kind words to honor
      those grandparents, grandfriends or older caregivers who are
      no longer here. Afterward, plant a tree or flower seed at a park,
      family garden, or special location to amplify their