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National Online Learning Day – September 15, 2023


September 15, 2023


Loni Shaw


Did you know there that September 15th each year is observed as National Online Learning Day?  That’s Right!!  This is a day for raising awareness of all of the resources, classes and learning opportunities that are available online.  It is also a day to help people, both young or old, invest time in their own growth and education.

There are so many benefits to online learning.  Flexibility, lower cost, self-pacing and learning self-motivation are just a few.  During the Global Covid-19 Pandemic, more and more schools were forced to close.  Therefore, so many schools used online learning opportunities to help out during these difficult times.

And at Boo-Shaw Bakery, we like to point out that learning at home and/or online is a great way to enjoy some Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies while enhancing your knowledge!  😉 😉 😉 While researching this holiday, Boo-Shaw Bakery found some great online learning resources provided by and we thought we’d share them to help everyone get started with online learning.  Remember, do your research and find some classes / topics that work for you!

5 Great Online Learning Resources

1. Brainly
Brainly is the world’s largest online learning community. It’s a homework help platform that connects students and parents to peers and subject matter experts. If you’re stuck or want some learning guidance, this is the place to be. The site essentially acts as the online equivalent of a real-life study group.

2. Coursera
Coursera partners with many different universities to bring a wide range of online courses, all of which are free. It’s great if you have numerous different topics you want to learn about.

3. CodeCademy
Codeacademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages. If you want to learn how to code, then there is no better place.

4. TED-Ed
The TEd-Ed website hosts a huge batch of educational videos, many of which come with supplemental materials and quizzes to test your learning. They make learning fun.

5. Memrise
This free app is particularly useful if you’re trying to learn another language. They use games to mix learning and entertainment and also make good use of user-generated content.

So, on this fun, educational holiday, we recommend grabbing some Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies and checking out some Online Learning resources!  Never stop learning!