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Sweet Superstitions: Pranking & Cookies on Friday the 13th


October 13, 2023


Loni Shaw


Guess what day it is? Yep, it’s that dreaded day of superstition – Friday the 13th! But hey, why should we let fear and superstitions get the best of us? Instead, let’s turn this day of bad luck into a day of good fun and even better cookies!

Let’s start our Friday the 13th adventure with a mischievous twist. We’re not going for spooky; we’re going for a good, hearty laugh. Here are some light-hearted prank ideas to share with friends or co-workers:

  1. Desk Swap Delight: Switch the contents of your colleagues’ desks (gently, of course) while they’re away. When they return, they’ll have to navigate through a maze of their own stuff to find their sweet surprise – a Boo-Shaw Bakery cookie!
  2. The Disappearing Act: Order a bunch of Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies and leave them in your break room at work with a note that says, “Friday the 13th Gremlins.” Watch your coworkers’ reactions when they find the cookies continue to mysteriously vanish!
  3. Post-it Palooza: Cover someone’s desk or office space in sticky notes and hide a Boo-Shaw Bakery cookie somewhere amidst the colorful chaos.

The Sweet Treat Redemption – After all the giggles, guffaws, and puzzled looks, it’s time to share lots of Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies with everyone! Here’s where you transform Friday the 13th from “unlucky” to “unbelievably sweet.”

🍪 Share stories about the pranks, the laughs, and the looks on people’s faces when they discovered their unexpected cookie treats. 🍪

🍪 Encourage your friends, family, or coworkers to embrace the joy of surprises, even on superstitious days like today. 🍪

🍪 Remind everyone that spreading smiles is a surefire way to break the “bad luck” spell of Friday the 13th. 🍪

Happy Friday the 13th, and may your day be as sweet as your favorite cookie! 🍪