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National Boss’s Day – October 16, 2023



October 16, 2023


Loni Shaw

👔🍪 Celebrate the Boss Who Takes the Cake! 🍪👔

Today, October 16 is National Boss’s Day!  Boo-Shaw Bakery has the sweetest way to say “Thank you” to your incredible leader! 🙌

🌟 Show your appreciation with a delectable assortment of our mouthwatering cookies, baked with love and admiration. Each bite is a token of your gratitude. We have some delicious flavors you can select from:




You can also order one of our fun, spectacular Gift baskets for a nice Boss’s Day surprise:

Boo-Shaw Bakery is here to make you the Office Hero this Boss’s Day! 🦸‍♂️ 🍪 ❤️