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Celebrate National Fun at Work Day with Boo-Shaw Bakery Delights!


January 22, 2024


Loni Shaw


January 26 is not just any ordinary day; it’s National Fun at Work Day! A day dedicated to bringing joy, laughter, and a sense of camaraderie to the workplace. At Boo-Shaw Bakery, we believe in adding a sprinkle of sweetness to your workday, making it even more enjoyable. Join us in celebrating this special day by treating yourself and your colleagues to the delectable delights from Boo-Shaw Bakery.

Work can sometimes be challenging, and having a designated day to inject a bit of fun can do wonders for morale and team spirit. National Fun at Work Day encourages everyone to step away from the usual routine and engage in activities that bring joy and smiles to the workplace. Whether it’s team-building games, creative challenges, or simply sharing a laugh with your colleagues, this day is all about fostering a positive work environment. And what better way to elevate the festivities than by indulging in the scrumptious treats from Boo-Shaw Bakery? Our cookies are made with love and high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delightful experience with every bite. Imagine a break room filled with the aroma of freshly baked cookies – it’s a surefire way to spread joy and create lasting memories.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies into your National Fun at Work Day celebration:

  1. Cookie Breaks: Set up a designated cookie break time during the day. Invite everyone to gather in the break room to enjoy Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies and take a moment to relax and recharge.
  2. Cookie Decorating Contest: Spark creativity by organizing a cookie decorating contest. Order a variety of Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies, have everyone bring one or two various toppings and icing. Let the artistic talents of your team shine as they decorate their own sweet masterpieces.
  3. After-Work Treats: Extend the celebration beyond office hours by bringing Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies to any post-work activities or gatherings. Share the sweetness with colleagues and make the evening even more memorable.

Let’s make January 26 a day to remember with laughter, camaraderie, and the delightful taste of Boo-Shaw Bakery treats! 🎊🍪 🎊🍪 🎊🍪