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Celebrate D.E.A.R. Day with Boo-Shaw Bakery: Books, Cookies, and Joy!


April 8, 2024


Loni Shaw


Hey, bookworms and cookie enthusiasts! Have you heard about D.E.A.R. Day on April 12th? No, it’s not just any ordinary day; it’s a celebration of reading and all the wonders books bring into our lives. D.E.A.R. stands for “Drop Everything and Read,” a concept that encourages people to set aside some time from their busy schedules to indulge in the joy of reading. And what better way to elevate this literary celebration than with some delectable treats from Boo-Shaw Bakery?

Imagine this: you cozy up with a captivating book in one hand and a delicious Boo-Shaw Bakery cookie in the other. As you immerse yourself in the pages, you take occasional bites of your favorite cookie, savoring the perfect blend of flavors and textures. It’s a moment of pure bliss, where the worlds of literature and culinary delights intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.

D.E.A.R. Day is not just about reading; it’s about celebrating the magic of storytelling and the joy of indulging in simple pleasures. Whether you’re flying solo with a book and a batch of Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies or gathering with friends for a literary-themed soirée, there’s something special about taking a moment to appreciate the written word and the sweet satisfaction of a freshly baked treat.

At Boo-Shaw Bakery, we understand the importance of savoring life’s little moments. That’s why we pour our heart and soul into crafting cookies that not only taste amazing but also bring people together in celebration. From Classic Chocolate Chip Delight to indulgent Heavenly Chocolate, our cookies are the perfect companion for any reading adventure.

So, this D.E.A.R. Day, why not treat yourself to some quality reading time paired with the irresistible goodness of Boo-Shaw Bakery cookies? Happy D.E.A.R. Day from Boo-Shaw Bakery! Let’s drop everything and read, accompanied by the irresistible taste of our mouthwatering cookies.