A few years ago we upgraded from a shared commercial kitchen with gas to our own bakery with electric. It took several months of failed attempts to make our products in our new electric convection ovens.  We went through the process of “getting to know your oven” with different pans, temperatures, times, and even a science engineer. For two years, our gourmet cookies were great. However, we still had to scrap some because they were too big or too small to package. 

I was frustrated, but I was told all bakeries have to throw away a percentage of their products. So we accepted the setbacks.

Our Kitchen
Always All Natural Ingredients

Guess what we learned several weeks ago? We’ve been using the wrong ovens. We were not using Imperial ovens which are designed specifically for baking.

Wouldn’t it be great if “Back to the Future” was possible?

Trying to stay positive, I experimented while waiting for our new oven to arrive.

Looks good right???

Yummy Dough


Maybe we could start selling pancakes 🙁

Why do we have to fail in order to succeed? Life is short. Why is the 80/20 principle true?

Mr. Thomas Edison said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Mr. Albert Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Mr. C.S. Lewis said, “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”

There are many other encouraging words about embracing failure. However, there’s one I didn’t see. We say, “Failures make you a humbled success and grateful for everyone who helped get you there.” Don’t give up my fellow small business owners. We’re cheering for you all…….even the gourmet gift shops  🙂

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What about this? What about that?

Although we have sugar free and gluten friendly all natural desserts, I wanted to make a new healthier snack. 

I tried to blend oats, berries, honey, and other ingredients. My goal was to create a great tasting healthy treat that doesn’t have deceiving ingredients like rice syrup. 

I gave the snack to part our Research and Development team……….…it was awful.

Feeling defeated but choosing not to give up, I tweaked the recipe and tried again. As our team tried the second recipe, it felt like I was on the show Chopped.

The second recipe was better, but needed improvements too. 

During this effort, it was interesting to discover the vast differences in tastes. Some people could not taste flavors. Some wanted the snack to be crispy, but others disagreed.  As we  were brainstorming improvement possibilities, there was also a debate whether or not coconut has a mint aftertaste. 


I wanted to give up. However, I realized we have not seen this type of snack in stores. We were developing something new.

Version three was packed with flavor……but.…..a few people made more minor suggestions.

As the desire of banging my head against a wall increased, I noticed something.

Coming Sooner or Later
Coming Sooner or Later

If trivial things like taste buds are so different, wouldn’t our personalities be equally as different? Wouldn’t our perceptions be immensely different too?

It also makes me wonder if we could stop the hate in this world just by being Kind, Good, Gentle, and Patient to others who seem different.

I think it’s worth a try…..don’t you?

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Is it really worth it?

Last month I was contacted by someone who lost a beloved family member. A loved one passing  brings a lot of tough times for families. I reassured her our gourmet cookies would be there after the memorial service. 

She asked if we could also do her a favor for the family.  The favor was far beyond our business scope, but she needed us.  So I said yes.

I know there’s a fine line between helpful and a doormat target, but in today’s world the Golden Rule has become an option. 

 Of course trying to execute the favor was a little difficult. It made me wonder if Claire Boothe Luce was right….LOL!

It took a team effort, but the family was able to remember their loved one with comfort and enjoyed  our all natural gourmet cookies. 

 I told this story to some friends and family. I was surprised to get mixed reviews. Thankfully most people agreed with our decision to help this family. However, others told us we have the “doormat syndrome.” I’ll admit, I tend to go out of my way to help others……..even when I don’t feel like it. I started to assess my own personal boundaries of life. Was I practicing doormat theology?  Have I opened a pandora’s box for the business by doing this family a favor? Am I losing focus on running a successful business by trying to please everyone? 

I wrestled with these questions for days……until this came in the mail……

It's worth it

The truth is no good deed goes unnoticed. This life is short. If you are able, why not pay it forward? Chances are you’ll get Blessed too. I know I do. 

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