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Cyber Monday Steals

As you’ve probably heard by now… Today, November 30th, is Cyber Monday! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving spending time with your loved ones, and a successful Black Friday start to your holiday shopping. Now, for part 2 of holiday shopping deals… It’s time for Cyber Monday!

If you’re looking for some sweet treats for holiday gifts this season, consider checking out our special sales we have right now! If you’re looking to buy in bulk, take a look at our Vanilla Nut, Chocolate Icebox Pie, Strawberries n Cream, or Banana Pudding Pastry Cookies. Buying 3 dozen or more will get you an awesome discount, one that just keeps getting better the more cookies you buy!

Black Friday Baked Goods

Hello there! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with joy and happiness in sharing time with loved ones! And we hope you’re just as excited for the winter holiday season as we are.

Today is Black Friday. You know what that means! Time to do some holiday shopping! If you might consider some baked goods as a part of your shopping spree this year… Check out our baked goods! Our gourmet pastry cookies are sure to delight all who indulge in them, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. Give our website a peek for more!

Thankful Thoughts and Grateful Goodies

It’s Thanksgiving week! Happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. We hope you’re staying safe, happy, and healthy during this season of gratitude and blessings. We’re looking forward to celebrating this happy holiday with some of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions… What’s something you have planned to celebrate this Thursday?

If you’re interested in having a little help with your delicious desserts this Thanksgiving, consider letting us lend a hand! We have all sorts of gourmet pastry cookies available to order for the holidays. We’re sure to have something for you that the whole family is sure to love! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Absurdity Day

Did you know that today, November 20th, is National Absurdity Day? This fun unofficial holiday is dedicated to the embracing and celebration of chaos and absurdity; sometimes, things just happen, and it’s a part of life!

Need a little help embracing your inner absurdity today? No problem, we’ve got you covered! What better way to embrace chaos than to go nuts with some pastry cookies? Whether you’re looking for something sugar-free, savory sweet, chocolatey goodness, or something else entirely, we’re sure to have something that tickles your fancy! Treat yourself, be spontaneous, and eat some yummy desserts!

Special Semester Send-Offs

Do you, or does someone you know, have finals coming up soon? While finals season for the college kids might still be a couple weeks off – and a couple weeks more still for the younger kiddos – students sure are feeling the heat as we ramp up toward the end of a very unique semester of school. Considering everything going on in the world right now… Remember to think about how the students in your life might be coping!

Want to send a student in your life a little something special to motivate them toward the end of the semester? Consider giving our personalized gift ideas a look! Consider the “Coffee Break” gift basket for the late-night crammer, the “Time for Tea” gift basket for a student who needs to decompress, or even the “Cookies and Ice Cream” basket just for a yummy treat… Whatever your choice may be, we’ve got your students covered this season as we gear up toward the end of the semester. Hang in there, students!

World Kindness Day

Did you know that today, November 13th, is World Kindness Day? This holiday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate simple kindness, the act of giving, compassion, and empathy. The perfect way to celebrate is to be kind spontaneously and without reservation!

We here at Boo-Shaw wholeheartedly believe that kindness is a virtue, and we stand by our mission to share our love and kindness with as many people as we can. Kindness pays off! If you’d like our assistance in doing something kind for a friend or family member, consider stopping by our website and taking a look at any of the delicious and thoughtful gifts you could perhaps send to a loved one. After all, giving some delicious treats is a great way to show someone kindness!

Vanilla Cupcake Day

Did you know that tomorrow, November 10th, is National Vanilla Cupcake Day? That’s right! This fun unofficial holiday is dedicated to the celebration of the lovely vanilla cupcake pastry; perfect in its simplicity, and a delight for all dessert-lovers!

While we here at Boo-Shaw do not have cupcakes for sale, we do have other vanilla-flavored desserts for you to enjoy! Consider checking out our Vanilla Nut Pastry Cookie! In the mood for a flavor other than vanilla? Not a problem! We have plenty of other delicious flavor combinations ready for you to enjoy from our bakery.

Chocolate Almond Day

Did you know that tomorrow, November 7th, is Bittersweet Chocolate Almond day?? This fun unofficial holiday is dedicated to the celebration of making and eating Bittersweet Chocolate Almonds. What a unique holiday, am I right?

Though we at Boo-Shaw may not have any plain chocolate almonds for you today, we do have plenty of other goodies and treats perfect for celebrating a fun holiday dedicated to sweetly savory homemade desserts. If you’re in a bit of a “nutty” mood after all? Consider our Vanilla Nut Pastry Cookie! If you’re feeling more “chocolatey” today? How about our Heavenly Chocolate Pastry Cookie? No matter what you’re craving, when it comes to sweet treats, we’re sure to have something perfect to help you commemorate every dessert-themed holiday you could imagine.

Grateful Goodies

It’s officially November, so you know what that means! We’ve moved onto the next stage of fall… Thanksgiving! We just love Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones, take the opportunity to show appreciation for all the blessings of your life, and even indulge in some delicious Thanksgiving foods and treats!

If you’re looking for a special treat to indulge in, to share with your loved ones, or to bring to the holiday table this Thanksgiving season, consider checking out our pastry cookie desserts! These delightful delicacies are perfect for sharing around the table to show how much you’re grateful for your loved ones.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Spooky season is upon us! We hope your haunted holiday tomorrow is ghoulishly great, and that you’re having some frightful fun with friends, family, and loved ones!

If you’re looking for some sweet treats to delight in this spooky season, consider giving our pastry cookies a try! Our treats have no tricks attached, and you’re sure to find a delicious pastry to partake in to celebrate this spooky season.